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“The Affiliate Commission Business Is One Of The BEST, Easiest And Most Profitable Business Models You’ll Ever Find – And Yet A Startling Number Of People Aren’t Successful For One Simple Reason…”

Once you know this reason – and you know what to do instead – you can’t help but succeed as an affiliate!

From: Nick James

Dear Aspiring Business Owner,

Imagine for a moment that I showed you a beautiful masterpiece painting, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mono Lisa. And let’s say I ask you to recreate this masterpiece.

You’re probably going to give me a dumbfounded look, especially if you have no skills or background when it comes to painting.  There’s just no way the average person can pick up a paintbrush and recreate the Mona Lisa… right?

Now imagine that I gave you few tools and tips to help you along. Specifically, I give you:

  • The exact some type of paint, brushes and other supplies Leonardo da Vinci used.
  • A canvas with "paint by number" markings so that you know exactly what color to put where.
  • A step-by-step manual that tells you everything you need to know about recreating this masterpiece painting.
  • An artist who specializes in recreating masterpieces looking over your shoulder and coaching you on what to do.

Now tell me – would you do a better job with recreating the Mona Lisa versus struggling to do it by yourself?  You bet you would! And you’d probably amaze yourself and others with the end result.

The reason I’m sharing this little story with you is because the same thing applies to any goal you’d like to accomplish. You need a good plan, good tools, and a good coach to guide you to success.

If you don’t have these things, you’ll fail. Period.  And you know what? That’s why so many smart people can’t make a go of it with an online business.

Listen, if you want to build a successful business, then you need a good plan, good tools, and a good coach. And that’s exactly what I’m about to give you

Introducing "The Affiliate Commission Game Plan: How to S.E.T.U.P. Your Own Affiliate Business!"

Get your copy now, and you’ll get absolute everything you need to setup your very own affiliate business, including:

  • A step-by-step blueprint which takes you through the entire process of choosing a niche, setting up your website, and building a mailing list – no special skills or background required!
  • A full set of templates and tools to get your affiliate commission business up and running fast.
  • A special, professionally designed page that you can edit to use in building your list, creating multiple streams of income, and even earning built-in affiliate cash from the Affiliate Commission Game Plan!

Sounds good, right?  It is, because…

This Is The Absolute Best Way To Get A Successful Affiliate Business Up And Running Fast – No Special Skills Or Experience Required! You Get All the Plans, Tools and Coaching You Need To Hit The Ground Running!

Now, if you’re not familiar with the affiliate commission business model, let me quickly fill you in on why this is a great way to get started making money online…

Basically, it works like this: you find products other people will love, you use a special link to tell people about these products, and you get a commission every time someone buys the product after clicking your special link.

Here Are Five Reasons Why So Many People Love This Business Model (And Why You Will Too):

Reason #1: You don’t have to create products. This not only saves you time and money, but you don’t have to store, ship or otherwise handle products either.

Reason #2: You don’t have to deal with delivery, refunds or customer queries. This means you don’t need to set up payment systems, hire customer service representatives or deal with those sorts of hassles. What a relief!

Reason #3: It’s quick and easy to set up. In a matter of a few hours or a few days you can launch your business and start collecting commission checks – nothing could be easier!

Reason #4: You can generate a full-time income. Some affiliate product vendors pay very generous commissions—50%, 75% or even more. Plus some products have high ticket prices. Still others are in big demand. The end result? Those commission payments quickly build up quickly and can even get automatically deposited directly into your PayPal or Bank Account!

Reason #5: You don’t need to directly “hard sell” anything.  No cold calling, no direct sales, no face-to-face required. All you have to do is load content up into an email autoresponder, and put the whole hands-free system on autopilot. Whether you’re busy or just shy, you’ll love this business model!

So you can see why this is a great business model. And…

Here’s Why The Affiliate Commission Game Plan Package Is The BEST Way To Get Your Own Affiliate Commission Business Up And Running Fast…

The Affiliate Commission Game Plan package includes everything you need to set up your business, including a step-by-step manual, a set of templates and other tools, plus one-on-one personal coaching.

Just take a look below at everything that's been included…

What you’ll get inside this step-by-step home study program is the exact formula I’ve used to S.E.T.U.P. a thriving affiliate commission business. Let’s take a look at the S.E.T.U.P. formula and how you can use it to start your business:

How To S.E.T.U.P. Your Own
Affiliate Business

Select a Market: This is where you’ll discover the secrets of choosing a hungry, profitable market who’ll eager buy whatever you’re selling!

Establish a Website: No tech skills? No eye for web design? No problem! In this step you’ll learn the quick and easy way to establish a website… not only do you get a web template, you’ll even find out the best tools for the job!

Target the Market: Here you’ll find out how to pick out the best and most profitable affiliate products to promote. Your prospects will love the products, and you’ll love your big affiliate commission payments!

Use Content to Sell: At this step you’ll find out how to use a five-day mini course to promote affiliate products. Here’s the key: Your subscribers won’t even feel like you’re "selling" anything to them, which is exactly why this strategy is so wildly profitable!

Prepare the Mailing List: Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about setting up your mailing list – no technical experience or skills requires. It truly is "copy and paste"easy!

This is a complete, word-by-word transcript of a 90 minute private audio training session I held with a select few of my VIP customers!

And here’s a quick look at just some of the benefits you’ll receive when you dive into the Affiliate Commission Game Plan manual today:

  • You’ll discover the EXACT tools I recommend and use every day to run my six-figure online business!
  • You’ll learn the easy way to do all the “techie” stuff yourself, even if you’re a technophobe and have no skills or experience!
  • You’ll discover a surefire strategy for choosing the perfect topic for every email you send – you’ll never stare at a blank screen again, wondering what to write!
  • You’ll learn how to spot shady business practices which rob unsuspecting affiliates of their hard-earned commissions!
  • You’ll get dozens of templates and examples you can use to pick your domain name, title your email mini course, create a persuasive sales letter and much more!

A lot, lot more!  In short, this first manual will serve as your core training module for getting your new affiliate commission business up and running fast.

But just wait till you hear what else is included with this exciting package…

These Four Value-Added Accessories Are Yours No Extra Charge When You Order Today!


As part of this course, you’ll discover the secrets of using a five-day mini course delivered by email to promote products to your subscribers. And to make it easier than ever to get your own mini course online, you’ll get a complete set of five templates you can use to create your emails.  Just fill in the required information, upload into your autoresponder, and you’re set to start making affiliate commissions!


You’ll also get five solo email templates you can use to promote your affiliate products. No more spending time staring at a blank screen and struggling to write something persuasive. Just 'fill in the blanks', add your affiliate links and you’ll have five emails you can use to sell more affiliate products!


You’ll get a complete checklist which outlines every major and minor step of this process. This is a great tool to print off and have at hand as you take action. No more forgetting steps or feeling overwhelmed – just follow the checklist, in before you know it you’ll have your very own affiliate business up and running!


Here I’ve compiled six of the best questions from a group coaching session along with my answers. This downloadable and printable .pdf will show you clever tips and tricks for boosting your affiliate income in some very surprising ways!

These accessories are more than enough to give you exactly what you need to set up your affiliate business quickly. But just to make absolutely sure all based are covered, I’m going to include one last high value special bonus...

When You Order Today, You will Also Receive A Special, Professionally Designed Webpage That You Can Edit And Use For Building Your List, Creating Multiple Streams Of Income, And Even Earning Built-In Affiliate Cash!

Take a look at this screen shot of our special Affiliate Commission Game Plan "income page"...

It's available separately for $47.00 by itself -- and is yours at NO CHARGE when you purchase the Affiliate Commission Game Plan today! What can you do with it? How about this...

Here Are Ten Ways To Make Money From The Special Affiliate Income Page...

This special 'Plug N Profit' webpage template actually has ten ways for you to profit from the one page. Just edit some links and text, then upload it to your webpage. Result = instant multiple streams of income potential!

  • 1

    Affiliate Income Stream #1: Recommendation Box One.

    See the "start here" image? Where do you think most people are going to start? Right there! Use the first box beneath it to share the first of three "steps", "methods", or "desirable results". Write a short description and then link the "Learn More" button a product sales page!

  • 2

    Affiliate Income Stream #2: Recommendation Box Two.

    You'll be able to do the same thing with this box to get a second product recommendation in place. Again, use the text in the box to describe something of interest to those visiting your page, depending upon what niche you are in.

  • 3

    Affiliate Income Stream #3: Recommendation Box Three.

    There are three of these recommendation boxes available. In each of them, edit the title to something that is appealing. Then, describe the title topic in more detail or describe the product you will be recommending. Then, in the "Learn More" link, you can send the visitor who clicks on to your own sales page or to an affiliate page.

  • 4

    Affiliate Income Stream #4: Email List.

    Look at the right hand column of the template. Notice the optin email form? Insert your own specific title and description. Copy and paste your list code (Provided to you from your list management company such as Aweber or GetResponse or ARP Reach). Just like that, you've got a list ready to start gaining subscribers!

  • 5

    Affiliate Income Stream #5: Membership Button.

    Everyone knows that recurring income is something you need in your business. The monthly residual money through rebills gives you a reliable and steady income to count on each month. This membership button is a great way for you to send visitors to your favorite membership site - through your affiliate link - to earn ongoing commissions when they join.

  • 6

    Affiliate Income Stream #6: Results Button.

    This is a "catch-all" button that you can use in any way you want. Link it to a product. Or coaching program. Or eclass. Or webinar. Or membership site. Or. Whatever. You. Choose. People will click on the link just to find out what it is.

  • 7

    Affiliate Income Stream #7: Freebie Button.

    Everyone loves free stuff! So, use this button to send them to a free report, free webinar, free trial offer, free consultation, free article, free blog post or anything else that is free and linked to your affiliate link for a product. It can be YOUR freebie or someone else's freebie that earns you a commission.

  • 8

    Affiliate Income Stream #8: Eight Topical Banners.

    As you gaze at the bottom of the page you will see eight topical banners. I've listed these as "one" stream of income, but honestly these represent EIGHT streams of income. Each of them represent a different category from within your niche market and can be linked to eight different offers that you profit from! NOTE: Included are PSDs so you can edit the text on these buttons to choose whatever category and descriptors you want!

  • 9

    Affiliate Income Stream #9: Built-In Commission Generator.

    See that nifty link in the upper right hand corner of the template that reads "10 Built-In Ways To Make Money From Your Webpage"? Get yourself an affiliate link for the Affiliate Commission Game Plan and insert that affiliate link into that button. Whenever someone visits your site and clicks on that link they go through your affiliate link to this page. If they buy the Affiliate Commission Game Plan (like you are about to do!), then you will earn a commission. Easy peasy! (Of course, you can simply remove that button if you want to - buy why not get some commissions?)

  • 10

    Affiliate Income Stream #10: Surprise Me Link.

    At the very bottom of the page you will see a "Surprise Me: Click Here To Continue" link. Honestly, we put that in there just so we could say "ten income streams". rather than 9 🙂 Although, as I mentioned earlier, it's actually more like 17 streams when you count the eight banners individually. However, it's kind of interesting - people WILL click on this "surprise" link just to see what it is! Curiosity always wins. And likewise so will you. 🙂

Of course, you can edit the page name, add your own copyright notice, insert legal document links, etc. Do whatever you want with your individual page.

You get the editable .html file for this template!

You get all the graphics shown on the page!

You get the .psd files for the banners so you can edit EVERYTHING you like.

So let me ask you something, because I know you’re probably beginning to wonder what a package like this costs…

What Is The Affiliate Commission Game Plan Package Worth To You And Your Checking Account?

Let’s quickly recap what you get when you order today:

  • You get the “Affiliate Commission Game Plan” curriculum. (33 pages of "no fluff" content!)
  • You get the Group Coaching Q&A session transcript. (Six coaching questions answered.)
  • You get the fill-in-the-blanks pre-sell mini-course articles. ($20 value)
  • You get the fill-in-the-blanks solo mailing templates. ($20 value)
  • You get the Affiliate Income Page Plug-N-Profit webpage template. (Available separately for $47!)

And if you act now, you get the entire package for just $67.

That's like paying for the Plug N Profit template and

But I'm going to make it even better for you. If you are one of the next 25 people who order, I'm going to give you an additional $20 off discount!

Pay just $67 $47

That's like buying the Plug N Profit template for half price and getting everything else for free!

Your next step is simple: Take out your credit card and click the “order now” button… and in just a few minutes time you’ll have access to everything seen here.

What are You Waiting For?

Affiliate Commission Game Plan



Nick James,
The Internet Business Coach

P.S. Isn't it about time you to started to build the online business that you truly deserve? After all that's what we both want isn't it? You want to receive a substancial and regular income from the internet and I want to hear from yet another successful student. Well all that starts right here, right now when you register for this brand new home study course using the link above. Do it now, because you won’t find an easier or better way to setup a thriving Affiliate Commission business!

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